Pouring metal in the foundry
Metal pouring inside the foundry

The Foundry


Cupola melting plant ensures fast efficent melting of raw ingredients.


Focused on cost reduction

Castings are manufactured on 2 dedicated moulding lines that result in the lowest manufacturing cost whilst achieving the technical criteria required.

Boxless Moulding

Taking full advantage of the strength of the Furan chemically bonded sand system, our efficient Fast Loop moulding line produces F resin bonded compact moulds for a cost-effective method of manufacturing castings. Compact moulds are tailor made to suit the component size ensuring that material usage is kept to an absolute minimum. Moulds are handled with self-levelling hydraulic manipulators and flood coated to ensure that a superior surface finish and accuracy for which Northfield Foundry is renowned is maintained

Boxless Moulding: – Casting weight range 0.25 – 250 kgs

Metal Box Moulds

When component size is too large for box less moulding we have a boxed section that can handle large components efficiently and safely. Where economically sized moulding boxes are not available purpose made boxes are procured. Board mounted production pattern equipment ensures that complex castings are manufactured efficiently to achieve the lowest production costs. Step joint and diablo location ensures that the mould halves close precisely giving neat flush joint lines.
Consultation with our technical staff at the design stage will result in taking the sand casting process to its extremes enabling cast features to be incorporated resulting in reduced machining and finishing costs.

Medium Metal Box: – 20kg up to 1200kgs